What is a remote session drummer?  Because of the wonders of the computer world we live in, it is quite easy to add a drummer to your music, even though that drummer may live hundreds, even thousands, of miles away from you.

Working with a remote session drummer is a great way to add high quality live drums to your song/recording. While drum sampling has come a long way, a real drummer will bring feel, dynamics, and creativity to a song that samples won’t.

Kip Allen is among the best of Nashville session drummers. Call Kip at 817-995-8093 for more information.

Here are a few specific things that you can do to make sure you end up with the perfect drum tracks for your song.

Three tips for working with a remote session drummer

Consider the following in choosing a remote session drummer:

  • Work out timing problems before contacting a remote session drummer
  • Choose a highly-respected pro
  • Make sure your directions/instructions are clear from the start

Let’s look at each of these in a bit more detail.

Timing problems

Before you hire any session musician, make sure that all the instruments already recorded are in time and synchronized as much as possible.  You are paying a remote session drummer to bring order to chaos, and you can minimize that chaos by taking care of timing problems before sending your track to a remote session drummer.

Go with a pro

How important is your song?  The answer to that question should be “Very Important.” If it is your answer, then hire a pro drummer who has the chops to do your song justice.  Make sure that the drummer you choose not only has experience in playing your type of music, but also make sure they use the best quality of drums.

Kip Allen, Nashville drummer? He has worked with a variety of the top names in the music industry, and he is a Drum Workshop Artist, meaning he is respected enough by that drum manufacturer to be offered that prestigious status.

Ultimately, you will find a balance between who you can afford and who is the best for what you can afford.  Ultimately, your song does deserve the best.  In Nashville, for musicians like Chase Utley and Phil Vasser, that choice is Kip Allen.


The more directions you can give up front in the recording process, the fewer problems you will encounter during the recording process.  Be in contact with the remote session drummer as often as is necessary to make sure you are both on the same creative page.  A good remote session drummer wants tons of input prior to recording.

A great session drummer will be extremely creative on their instrument and able to approach your song dozens of different ways. They will also have an acute sense of what could work and what might not work, but specific direction will help them channel their creativity in a specific direction, and save time in the long run.

A word about Kip Allen

Since 2008, Kip Allen has worked with the best of the best in Nashville, as a session drummer, studio drummer, songwriter, trusted music producer, and percussionist. Call Kip Allen if you only want the best for your recording.