Producing is composing the music and mixing at a base form making it sound polished and balanced to be ready for release.

Kip has been producing music since 2008. By offering  professional, studio quality drum recordings remotely, he is able to provide tracks at a fraction of the cost of going to a studio.

There are many cost associated with the traditional recording studio.

  • cost to rent the studio
  • engineer
  • musician

Kip is all three of these bundled into one affordable package.  He can record any instrument or voice and produce full tracks for artist to use in their songs. Kip does a final mix to balance the song and make ready for release.  All of this is done with a remote studio.

Music Production

Our production services include:

  • Remote drum tracks
  • Demos
  • Masters
  • Mixing songs

Get More Information

Contact Kip for more information on producing drum tracks for you.

Some Of Our Production Work

Emma Rowley – “Night Drive”

Emma Rowley – “Running With the Dogs”

Emma Rowley – “Miles”

Emma Rowley – “Evaporate”

Eli Mosley – Sunday Morning Sinners ALBUM

Eli Mosley – “Rock Bottom”

Eli Mosley – “He Listens to Country”

Trev Leigh – “In My Head”

Trev Leigh – “With You”

Trev Leigh – “Geronimo”

Trev Leigh – “Love With Me”

Trev Leigh – “There Goes My Heart”

Trev Leigh – “The Boy and the Girl”

Mad Welsley – “Champagne Taste (feat. Trev Leigh)”