Are you looking to hire a Nashville musician? Latest estimate there are about 100,000 Nashville musicians kicking around the city limits.  Looking for a Nashville drummer?  The estimate is approximately 25,000 of those.

Are you looking for a highly-respected Nashville drummer who has worked with some of the biggest names in Nashville?

The number just shrunk considerably, but one name which will be on anyone’s list, when asked for drummer recommendations, will be Kip Allen, session drummer, studio drummer, and highly respected Drum Workshop Artist.  Call 817-995-8093 to contact Kip about an upcoming gig or recording session.

Works with all musical styles

As a Drum Workshop Artist based in Nashville, TN, Kip Allen spends the majority of his time behind the drum kit. From touring the world with artists (Devin Dawson, The Wolfe Brothers, Paul Childers) to spending time in the recording studio (Dark Horse album by Devin Dawson, “We Got Close” by The Wolfe Brothers, “Sanctuary” by Emma Rowley, “Guilty” by Sean C Kennedy,  “Perfect World” by Phil Vassar), he continually crosses a wide array of musical styles.

What are you into? Rock? Country? Reggae? Blues? Jazz?  Yes, many drummers can play in all genres of music, but few have the background and/or experience that Kip Allen has, and the proof of that fact is his portfolio of music.

Remote or in studio or on the road live

The big three, remote, studio, live, Kip Allen does it all.  In the highly-competitive music world of Nashville, a world which can be very, very tough to break into, a world where making ends meet can be difficult, Kip Allen stays quite busy working on the projects of others, working on his own projects as a songwriter, and, in his spare time, practicing his craft with one vision in mind: to be the absolute best Nashville drummer!

Constantly evolving as a musician

For thirteen years now, Kip Allen has been kicking around the Nashville scene, working his way up the ladder, establishing himself as a solid professional who can be counted upon each and every time.  Having now established himself, Kip Allen is now working on evolving and re-shaping himself daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, for he knows that stagnation is the greatest enemy of any musician.

Why settle for less than the best?

You have to ask yourself this question if you are looking for a Nashville drummer: do you want the best, or do you want to settle for second or third best for your project?  If you are satisfied with second or third or fourth or fifth best, there are a lot of those drummers kicking around Nashville.  You can find them in countless honkey-tonks and roadside bars.

But, if you want the best that Nashville has to offer, a Nashville drummer highly-respected by his peers, a music producer, a go-to name for those in the know in the music industry, Kip Allen is the name to remember and the one to call.

“Welcome to Nashville, now y’all go home.”

That’s the official greeting to newcomers and why not? Nashville is a tough place to gain a foothold if you are a musician.  Kip Allen stayed.  Kip Allen gained a foothold.

Kip Allen thrived!