What is a percussionist? The general definition of a percussionist is one who plays a percussion instrument.  And what is a percussion instrument?  That list includes the snare, bass, timpani, sometimes the keyboard, and the tenors.

A common misconception is that the percussionist is the drummer.  Technically speaking, that is not correct. Playing the drums and playing percussion instruments are actually two different talents, and those two talents are rolled up into one Nashville musician, Kip Allen, drummer-percussionist, and well-known Drum Workshop Artist. Call Kip at 817-995-8093 for more information if you are looking for a session drummer, studio drummer, songwriter, or music producer.

Debunking the myth

To be absolutely clear about this, not all drummers are percussionists, and not all percussionists are drummers. These are two distinctly different skill sets and talents. Do not assume that all drummers are percussionists.  You will be sorely disappointed if you make that assumption.

What most people don’t understand is that it takes hundreds of hours to become a trusted percussionist like Kip Allen, and it takes hundreds of hours to become a trusted studio drummer like Kip Allen.  In a world sorely lacking in integrity, when someone like Kip Allen says her can do the percussion work on your tracks, or that he can also do the drum work for you, you can take that statement to the bank and have no doubts.

Reputation based on a track record

Kip Allen hit the Nashville scene in 2008, a full thirteen years ago. Like all musicians at that time, struggling to establish a toehold in a brutal industry, Kip paid his dues, playing honkey-tonks, playing random gigs, filling in here and there, where needed, all the while working part-time jobs to pay the bills.

Fast forward to today, and Kip Allen has been a percussionist/drummer for some of the biggest names in the industry, names like Devin Dawson, Phil Vassar, Josh Gracin, and Olivia Lane.  He has played on multi-platinum records. He has been the driving force on countless tours.  On a short list of trusted drummer/percussionist, a list all headliners consult when they want the best, Kip Allen’s name can be found.

The reality of the music business

Everyone pays their dues in the music industry. The streets of Nashville are crowded with talented musicians. A very few of them have found stardom and/or make a living playing their music, but most of them, a vast majority of them, are shuffling and struggling to just be heard and make enough money for a six-pack of beer.

The harsh reality is this: if you are working on your next song, a song which will be played on the airwaves across America, do you want a struggling musician who is trying to gain a reputation, or do you want a pro whose reputation is solid-gold?  That answer to that question should be obvious.

There is a reason why the pros call Kip Allen, and that reason is simple: he’s paid his dues, he’s proven his talent, and he’s as reliable as a find Swiss watch.

Call Kip Allen the next time you want the very best in a percussionist/drummer/songwriter/music producer.  It’s hard to argue with his track record.