DW Artist Kip Allen

session drummer, touring musician, songwriting and producing tracks.

I remember well my first pair of Air Jordans.

I literally thought I was the coolest kid on the planet while wearing those shoes.  The fact that Michael Jordan had endorsed those Nikes really said it all.  If they were good enough for Michael Jordan, they certainly were good enough for me, because the name Michael Jordan stood for excellence.

Being endorsed by DW Drums is the same thing for a professional drummer.  Playing a set of DW Drums means you have arrived, big-time, on the music scene. Playing and being endorsed by the best.

I have arrived!

How to qualify as a Drum Workshop Artist

For a drummer to qualify as a DW Artist, he/she must have game.  It does no good if you have the best drums in the world if you can’t play them, and DW Drums only endorses drummers who have some serious chops.

A drummer must have a following and be recognized, by their peers, as a topnotch musician.

To put it simply, it is not easy to gain a DW endorsement.  Thousands try, but few are chosen.

Benefits for me

It begins with discounts on DW drum equipment, which is huge, as anyone knows who has priced professional equipment.

Having my name on the DW website as an endorsed artist; this benefit, for my career, simply cannot be understated.

Benefits for DW Drums

The music industry really is a close-knit community.  You make connections along your path.  You pay your dues, you learn your craft, and eventually, if the stars have aligned perfectly, those connections pay off and everyone benefits.

DW Drums promotes artists they have endorsed. Touring drummer, session drummer or touring musician can be Drum Workshop artist. Those artists promote DW Drums. They are seen playing DW Drums. Other drummers, impressed by what they hear, check out the DW Drum selection, sales occur, and the beat goes on.

And the beat goes on!

A win-win for everyone

It is hard to understate the returns of an endorsement like this, for both parties.

Marketing, for an artist, is costly.  It is time-consuming.  At times, it seems like it takes more time to market oneself than it does to actually learn your craft. That is why marketing like a DW Drum endorsement is so valuable.  It doesn’t cost a thing, and it keeps paying dividends every single time I set up my drums and play a set.

The same is true for DW Drums.  Their product is promoted every single time one of their “artists” makes a professional appearance.

One word of caution to those looking for an endorsement

As enticing, as desirable, as an endorsement is, make sure you are pleased with the product.  You will be playing that product as long as the endorsement lasts, as part of the endorsement contract, so it certainly helps if the artist likes that product.

In this case, with DW Drums, I am over-the-top pleased with the product, and I am proud to have my name associated with such a topnotch company!