What is a drumming session?

Session drummers are drummers for hire contracted on a short-term basis by bands, artists, and producers. Session drummer gigs can include drumming in a backing band on tour, or recording drum tracks for single songs or albums.

Kip Allen is once such session drummer, or studio drummer, and one of the most respected session drummers/percussionist in the Nashville area. Call Kip at 817-995-8093 for your next gig, but only call if you are looking for one of the best.

The different hats worn by a session drummer

A session drummer can either work in the studio, laying down a single track or helping on an entire album, or they can be part of the back-up band during touring, or they can lay down track from a remote studio.  The good ones can do all of these things and do them extremely well.

Why hire a session drummer?

First of all, programmed drums have a low ceiling. Yes, they are popular, mainly because of cost, but there is nothing like the flexibility of a master drummer.  You can accomplish great things with a session drummer like Kip Allen.  You can accomplish mediocrity with programmed drums.

Secondly, a professional session drummer, like Kip Allen, Drum Workshop Artist, can lay down tracks previously unheard. There is creativity in the real thing. There is an ear for the unique in the real thing.

Thirdly, a session drummer brings a new ear to a recording. The technical know-how of a pro like Kip Allen is unparalleled.  The pros can hear nuances that others cannot. They can make suggestions which would have been missed by using a drumming program or using someone with less skill.  It just makes good sense to go with a pro when a pro-like job is desired.

How to work with a session drummer

Be prepared.  Your track should be ready for the drums when you contract with a session drummer.  Additionally, you should be able to clearly state what your expectations are.  Make sure you use drumming terminology so you are all speaking the same language.  Ask for suggestions. Creativity comes from a shared experience, so use the vast knowledge and experience of a session drummer to your advantage.

How to find the best session drummers

Ask around.  If you live in a large city, reach out to the music scene for suggestions.  Word spreads quickly in the music community. Good session drummers are in high demand.  Find out who the Top Five are in your area, set up an appointment/meeting with all five, and then make your decision based on feel.  Who do you feel best understands what you are looking for?  Who do you feel you could best work with?

Yes, this is a time-consuming process, but if your music is important to you, you will take the time to find the best session drummer you can afford.

A word about Kip Allen

Kip Allen has been a session drummer since 2008, and he is one of the most respected drummers, songwriters, music producers, and tour musicians in the Nashville music scene. Call Kip and discuss your next project with him. It is a phone call which will deliver great results, so pick up the phone and make it happen for your next drumming session needs.