The music industry is rapidly changing, forced in-part by the pandemic, but also forced by technology, with session playing by a session player decreasing and remote studio recording increasing in numbers.  In this article we will talk about the remote studio, and remote studio recordings.

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The new reality of remote studio recordings

Times they are a’changin’, as Bob Dylan told us many years ago. Multi-million dollar recording complexes are giving way to project studios. The increase in new technology now means that outstanding “music mixes” can be done using recordings and computer programs. Quite simply, the old days of several musicians coming together in a common place, and doing take after take after take on a song, are gone. Now musicians can record their part of a song, send those recordings to the music producer in a remote studio, oftentimes thousands of miles away, and the final, finished recording is accomplished in that remote studio.

Let’s put it this way: if it were the 60’s, the Beatles would not be meeting up in Apple Studios to record an album. They would all be recording their musical contributions in a remote studio, alone, and then sending their recordings to George Martin for a finished album.

Since 2008, Kip Allen has been working behind the scenes or a remote studio, producing drum tracks for various well-known artists, and working as a music producer for other musical acts, putting together mixes and top-quality finished products.

What this means for you as a musician

As a musician, this means convenience.  It also means trusting in the talents of other remote musicians you work with, as well as trusting in the music producer you regularly work with.  Is there a learning curve involved with this remote process? Of course, but those who have experience with it, like Kip Allen, find great value in it.

What this means for you as a producer

Again, a remote studio is all about convenience, but it also requires an intimate knowledge of the individuals you are working with. It requires constant communication, and it requires a familiarity with the musicians and their individual styles.  Is it difficult to learn remote studio production?  Yes, at first it is, but those who swear by it, like Kip Allen, find the advantages of it far outweigh the disadvantages.

A word about Kip Allen

Chase Marin . . . Phil Vassar . . . Devon Dawson . . . Josh Gracin . . . Eric Van Houten . . . these are just some of the top names in Nashville who put their faith and trust in Kip Allen, Drum Workshop Artist and highly-trusted session drummer and studio drummer. That kind of trust is earned.  You don’t arrive in Nashville and take that town by storm.  You have to pound the pavement. You have to work for tips in smoky bars.  You have to pay your dues for years until you finally gain the trust of other musicians and artists, and Kip Allen has arrived!

Are you looking for a pro in remote studio recordings? Kip Allen is the name you need to remember. Call him today for your next project.