The magic happens in the mix recording studio

Mix Recording Studio

A mix recording studio is, literally, where the magic happens in the music industry.  As a songwriter, music producer, and session musician, Kip Allen is well-aware of how important a properly constructed and properly designed mix recording studio is.  Call Kip the next time you need the best that Nashville has to offer for your…

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famous singer songwriter

Singer Songwriter

The following is a tribute to a famous singer songwriter, one who heavily influenced music for the last sixty years . . . David Crosby! Kip Allen, like so many other Nashville musicians, was touched by the songs produced by this late, great musician, and in part it was people like David Crosby who inspired…

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mix music online

Mix Music Online

Can you mix music online? Of course you can mix music online. Should you mix music online?  We take a look at that question in this article by Kip Allen, renowned Nashville session drummer, songwriter, and music producer.  Call Kip when your next gig is just too important to settle for second-best. How to mix…

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determining who is the best percussionist in the world is not easy

Best Percussionist In The World

Wondering who is the best percussionist in the world?  Do you wish you were the best, but don’t know how to achieve your goal?  Read on as Kip Allen, session drummer, percussionist, and Drum Workshop Artist, a resident of Nashville since 2008, tells you what it takes to become a great percussionist, and who he…

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a music production studio is where the magic happens

Music Production Studio

What is a music production studio?  What components make up quality music production companies?  Can you create a quality studio in your own home? We will answer these questions in this article, with information provided by Kip Allen, highly-respected Nashville songwriter, music producer, session drummer, and Drum Workshop Artist. Call Kip Allen when what you…

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