What is a session musician?

A session musician comes on board to play a musical instrument for a specified period of time—in the studio or on stage—but is not a permanent part of the band. These specialists may play for one song during a recording session, or they may join a band or artist for an entire tour.

One of the most trusted session drummer musicians in Nashville is Kip Allen, Drum Workshop Artist. There will be more information about Kip later in this article. For information or to arrange for Kip to play at your gig, call 817-995-8093.

Being a session musician is all about paying your dues. In the beginning, a session musician might start out by playing gigs in local clubs. Eventually he/she is heard by others in the industry, and if they have some chops, they will be called to work gigs for other performers.

A session musician must be flexible. They must be able to play all genres of music. They must be able, usually, to read music and adjust on the fly. They must be available at all times. Above all, a session musician must be a hard-worker, filled with determination and a strong belief in their abilities. The music industry will chew you up and spit you out if you do not have those talents/traits.

How many session musicians reside in Nashville?

The answer to this question might be daunting and discouraging for those thinking about a move to Nashville. There are literally thousands of session musicians in the City of Nashville, and they are all out there hustling for gigs and sessions to play in.  If you are intimidated by competition, stay away from Nashville, and that is just the cold-hearted truth.

How many outstanding session musicians are there?

Of the thousand session musicians mentioned earlier, most are outstanding musicians, but there is only a handful of them who are outstanding and are trusted by the biggest performers in the industry to deliver the goods time and time again.

Kip Allen, session drummer percussionist, songwriter, and music producer, is on that short list, right alongside Brent Mason, Jeff King, Lonnie Wilson, Steve Hinson, and Fiona Culley.  Starting in 2008, Kip beat the pavement, working small gigs in small establishments, honing his trade, working long hours, meeting the people who would be instrumental in his growth as one of the best session drummers in the business.

Say hello to Kip Allen

A short list of performers Kip Allen has worked with would include the following:

  • Phil Vassar
  • Devin Dawson
  • Josh Gracin
  • Chase Martin
  • Olivia Lane
  • Eric Van Houten
  • Sean C. Kennedy
  • Elizabeth Lyons
  • Daniel Kim Ethridge
  • Eli Mosley
  • And many more

Those are some of the biggest names in Nashville music, and to a person they trust the work Kip Allen provides during any session.  Considering the fact that the drummer drives and propels any song, it is crucial for any performing artist to obtain the absolute best session drummer available when recording or touring.

Since 2008, Kip Allen has been on that shortlist.

Call Kip Allen if you are in need of a session drummer, songwriter, or music producer.  When you want the best, Kip Allen is the answer.