What is a record producer?

A record producer, or music producer, is a music industry professional who works with artists to produce records. Much like film producers, record producers play a role in shaping the artistic direction of the projects they work on, while also controlling quality and generating a project which will be successful.  It isn’t about someone to mix music. It is much, much more.

Sounds rather important, right?  If you are a musician, it is very important, and in this article we will break it all down and give you a better understand of the job a record producer does.

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The specifics of music producing

In the traditional recording process, a music producer acts in a similar way to the director of a film. They create a vision for the material and advise the musicians artistically on how to realize it. During a recording session the producer acts as a coordinator and provides organizational help. They also offer creative input and notes on the musicians’ delivery and the technical choices made by the engineer.

The technical side

When you listen to a recording, every drum beat, bass thump, guitar strum, and sung note has been shaped by a recording engineer/record producer, who uses a combination of technical expertise and musical mastery to capture and manipulate sound in the studio.

Although live ensemble recordings are occasionally made in studio, the bulk of music recording is done into a sound board outfitted with as many as 96 channels, or tracks. The record producer records each instrument and part separately and often repeatedly, creating a number of tracks and takes to work with.

What does it all cost?

It is impossible to give a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. There are a variety of ways a record producer can get paid.

Some charge a flat fee which covers the entire production process. Some charge a flat fee plus a percentage of future sales.

All of the aforementioned fees will depend upon the record producers experience and level of success in the music industry.  Produce a record for a big-name singer or group, your recording fee will rise.  On the other end of the spectrum, those just starting out as record producers will not be able to charge much at all, and some even do the work for free to gain experience and a reputation.

Choosing a record producer

If you are in the market for a record producer, our best advice is to ask around the local music industry.  It won’t take you long to gather a list of respected and experienced music producers.  You can then gauge what level of expertise you want for your record, based upon your own budget.

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