Allen, who go beyond the basics and produce professional tracks which are good enough for the elite among Nashville musicians.

The art of music production can, like most processes, be broken down into five main areas: starting a track, arranging it, mixing it, finishing it and mastering it.  In Nashville, Kip Allen, Drum Workshop Artist, is a trusted name.

Contact Kip Allen, studio drummer and music producer, at 817-995-8093 if you need a track-production pro.

Starting a track

This is the creative process at its core. This is where the song begins.  It begins with a simple beat and grows from there, laying down that beat and using it as the foundation for all the rest that follows.

Anyone can start a beat, but few, like Kip Allen, can build upon that beat and create something which people will want to hear time and time again.

Arranging a track

Imagine if we gave you two sunflowers, six daisies, and four tulips, and we told you to arrange them to achieve the greatest visual effect.  Truth be told, there are infinite ways you could go about that process and, truth be told, most people would eventually throw up their hands, get frustrated, and simply settle for an arrangement which may or may not be pleasing to the eye.  A master floral arranger, on the other hand, would decide upon a centerpiece flower and build the arrangement around that flower.

Kip Allen, music producer, knows how to arrange a track, spotting the centerpiece and building the track around it.

Mixing a track

Mixing is all about bringing out the best in a multi-track piece, and this is accomplished by adjusting levels, panning, chorus, reverb, and delay. It takes a trained ear to mix a track properly. It takes years of experience.  It takes a music producer like Kip Allen.

Finishing a track

Finishing a music track is probably the hardest step in the production process.  Why? Because how do you really know when you are finished?  There will always be improvement that can be done. Perfection, in music, is an illusion.  We will always believe we can do something more to make a track better.

The pro, like Kip Allen, knows when the best “imperfection” has been attained.  That may sound ridiculous, but it is important. There comes a time when a track is ready, and only a pro knows when that moment has arrived.

Mastering a track

What is mastering?

Mastering is sort of a zoomed-out, final look at the song to balance and improve the overall sound. It is a macro look at the work rather than a micro look. When it comes to multiple songs, such as an album, mastering needs to be done for the entire project to ensure consistency. This is why songs on your favorite record sound uniform in frequency, quality, and volume.

Trust the mastering to experience. Trust your mastering to Kip Allen.

More about Kip Allen

Since 2008, Kip Allen has been a Nashville session drummer, studio drummer, touring musician, songwriter, and music producer. In one of the most musically-competitive towns in the world, Kip Allen has gained a reputation as a pro’s pro. Call for more information.