What are online sessions musicians? What do online session musicians do? How do you find one for your recording gig? We will answer those questions in this article, we being Kip Allen, highly-respected musician, music producer, and songwriter hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Call Kip Allen at 817-995-8093 for all of your recording needs.

What are online session musicians?

Online session musicians offer their services without travel or commercial recording studio costs. They are all professionals with their own recording set-up and verified remote, studio and live session experience.

What is the process used with online session recordings?

Online session musicians generally work using a process which works best for them in conjunction with the musicians hiring them, but it usually goes something like this:  Send your track in whatever form you have it, whether it’s a rough recording or just a chord sheet. The session musician then discuss your ideas in detail to determine what sound and playing style you’re looking for to make sure your songs get the right feel and the production suits the individual track, just like you would do in a conventional recording studio. There are many possibilities in terms of what instruments to use, which microphones and recording techniques should be used to get the best sound for your production.

What do online session musicians cost?

It is impossible to answer this question with any degree of accuracy.  Prices vary from city to city, prices vary according to the experience of the online session musicians, and prices vary depending upon whether you are looking for a demo tape or a final stage recording.

Prices can range anywhere from $50 per hour to $400 per hour or more.  Our suggestion, wherever you are, call around, get several quotes, and that will give you a fair market value in your area.  After that, get as many references as possible for several session musicians. Follow-up on those references.  This is your song. It is your recording, and you should be paying for the best your money can buy.

A word about Kip Allen

Kip has been producing music since 2008. By offering outstanding, professional, studio quality drum recordings remotely, he is able to provide tracks at a fraction of the cost of going to a studio.

There are many cost associated with the traditional recording studio.

  • cost to rent the studio
  • engineer
  • musician

Kip is all three of these bundled into one affordable package.  He can record any instrument or voice and produce full tracks for artist to use in their songs. Kip does a final mix to balance the song and make ready for release.  All of this is done with a remote studio.

Call Kip Allen if what you seek is the very best in online session musicians, music producer, songwriter, or a touring musician. Kip has worked with the very best in Nashville since 2008, and he is a trusted name in the industry, a name associated with top-quality work, creativity, and professionalism.  The solution to your recording needs is one phone call away, and that phone call should be to Kip Allen.