Music making, in its simplest, purest form, is a young girl sitting in her bedroom, strumming a guitar, writing down the notes, giving birth to a song born from her head and heart.

Music making in its early stages is a garage rock band, pounding out the beat, learning their craft, for all hours of the day and night, fueled by caffeine and a desire to create something special.

Music making, in its most professional form, is a team of professional musicians, laying down tracks, and the producer arranging those tracks for a pure sound and a marketable product with their mix music magic.

Music making is that and so much more, and Kip Allen, Nashville session drummer, songwriter, and music producer, has seen it all.  Call Kip at 817-995-8093 and arrange for one of Nashville’s best to help you with your next gig or music making session.

Where are you on the music making scale?

If you are just starting out, if you have a voice or if you can lay down a clean melody on an instrument, your next step is to decide what you want to do.  If you just want to make music for your own entertainment/relaxation, or if you just want to jam with friends on weekends, nothing more needs to be done.  Play for the love of playing, and may the gods of music shine upon you.

If, however, you want to record your music, there are several steps which need to be done.

The advent of YouTube’s popularity has given birth to many a would-be musical star. All across the country, people are setting up recording studios in a spare room, or in a garage, and recording their music to eventually be played on a YouTube video.  They most likely have an app, like Soundtrap, to help them lay down a clean track with the best sound possible on a short budget.

When the final product is ready, they put it out there on YouTube and hope those “likes” keep adding up for success.

Or they look to music making live gigs

Still tens-of-thousands more will take their talent to whatever venue will allow them to play, and some even get paid for it.  These are the club bands, the tavern bands, the street-corner bands, who learn their craft “in the trenches,” playing for dimes and dollars in hopes of being “discovered” by a music producer or major label executive.  Some will follow this path for literally years. Some will be discovered. Others will continue on, in anonymity, playing for the pure love of music.

And then there are the music making pros

And, finally, there is the upper-crust in the music industry, those who have established themselves as professionals, those who have the equipment and the talent to go to the next level, who have their own music producer, who have their own label, and who have experienced, and are experiencing, the heady joy of having their music streamed and listened to by millions.

Where are you on this spectrum? Where do you want to be in one year? Two? Five?

If you are looking for a music producer, a songwriter, or a session drummer/percussionist, call Kip Allen. Since 2008, Kip has been a trusted name in the Music Capital of the United States, Nashville.