The need for a soundproofed, professional drum studio is crucial for outstanding recordings.

Let’s face it, most of us end up being relegated to whatever unused space there is in a house, such as the garage, a spare bedroom, or even a closet. Failing that, many of us have to pay for rehearsal space. But in all scenarios, drummers need a place where they can play at full volume without disturbing others – a soundproof drum booth at home.

Kip Allen has a drum studio dreams are made of, but you would expect nothing less from one of the leading session drummers in Nashville.  Call Kip at 817-995-8093 if you need one of the best for your next recording session or professional gig.

Why use a drum studio?

Let’s break the reasons down to four main sections:

  • Excessive drum sounds
  • Outside sounds distorting your recordings
  • Proper mixes in professional drum studio
  • The desire for the best

Let’s look at each of these in a bit more detail.

Excessive drum sounds

Drums are loud. There is no other way to say it, and there is no sugarcoating the final message: the drums are a very loud instrument.  Many a drummer has set up an amateur drum studio in their garage, only to have neighbors quickly complain about the noise coming from that garage.

An apartment? Forget about it! A residential home? Forget about it!  Oftentimes, drummers will rent a commercial space, but truthfully most commercial spaces are not designed for drum practice. They are not soundproofed and they can be expensive and inconvenient.

Outside sounds distorting your recordings

We return to the soundproofing problem faced with many home studios. How do you keep the outside sounds away when you are practicing or recording?  If you are after the best sound while recording, you need, not only a soundproofed studio, but also a studio which has been constructed in such a way so that the best drum sound is attained.

Proper mixes obtained in professional drum studio

The best sounds for any recording require professional mixing equipment, and professional mixing equipment is expensive, far beyond what most amateur drummers can afford.  Listen to a home recording done by an amateur, and then listen to that same recording mixed by a pro like Kip Allen. There really is no comparison.

The desire for the best

This depends entirely up to what you want. Do you want the best? Are you looking for near-perfection? How important is your music to you?  A drum studio, designed by a professional, and operated by a professional like music producer Kip Allen, will achieve the absolute best results. Everything else will be in the also-ran category of quality.

A final word about Kip Allen

Since 2008, Kip Allen, Drum Workshop Artist, has been a trusted name in the Nashville music scene, working with many of the top names in music.  Songwriter, touring musician, session drummer, music producer, Kip Allen does it all, on scene or from his remote drum studio.  The question, then, is this: do you want the best, or are you willing to settle for less than the best?

Kip Allen is the name to remember if you want the best.