What is remix music?

A remix, or remix music, is an alternate version of a song released by the original artist/band or Individual DJs or Musicians. Remixes may vary from the original song, which can be modified by instrumentation, length, lyrics, tempo, and more.

The following information about mix music is presented by Kip Allen, Nashville session drummer, music producer, songwriter, and Drum Workshop Artist. Call Kip for your next gig, if what you want is the very best in audio mixing.

Now, though, let’s delve deeper into the magic of mixing and mastering music.

How difficult is it to remix music?

In theory, practically every time an artist plays an original song, it is remix music. There are always slight variations to the way a song is delivered each and every time it is played.  This is especially true when artists are playing in concert.  Rarely is a song delivered the exact same way from concert to concert.

For the purposes of this article, though, we are talking about the intentional alteration of a song by the original artist when recording.  One of the most famous remixes was “Revolution” by The Beatles. That particular song actually had three remixes in 1968 alone, with “Revolution 1” being a slow, bluesy alternative to the very fast, hard-rock original.

How difficult is it to remix music?  In reality, remixing is no more, or no less, difficult than the original recording of a song.  You can remix by changing the tempo. You can remix by changing the length of the song, or adding another verse.  You can remix by changing certain instruments, or by changing the volume of certain instruments.  You can add instruments, add harmony vocals, or change the mood of the piece.

Why would you remix music?

Perhaps the easiest way of answering this question is to say that artists/songwriters are always growing.  As that growth occurs, how one sees a song today will be different from how they saw the song five years ago.  Interview any songwriter/performer and they will tell you this is true.  And perhaps that growth, that change, prompts them to re-record a song which showcases that growth/change in the performer.

Is one recording better than the other? Is the remix necessarily better than the original? The answer to that question lies in the hearing of those enjoying the music. There is no definitive answer to that question.  The recording artist felt the need to remix. The music producer remixed according to the wishes of the artist, with some suggestions and expertise tossed in along the way. The final product satisfies the artist, satisfies the producer, and may or may not satisfy those who listen to or purchase that music.

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